Reads of the Month is where I post all the books I have read this month. Here is where I’ll tell you the hits and misses (in my books) and which ones I strongly recommend.

Catch a Falling Star- Kim Culbertson 

What Happened to Goodbye- Sarah Dessen 

The Moon and More- Sarah Dessen 

This Lullaby- Sarah Dessen

That Summer- Sarah Dessen

Rebel Belle- Rachel Hawkins

The Outsiders- S.E Hinton

Absolutely Truly- Heather Vogel Frederick 

As you can see I had gotten into a Sarah Dessen streak! I discovered What Happened to Goodbye at my school library. The book was amazing! After that I set out to find other books by her, and found three more. All the others were good, but I have to say What Happened to Goodbye was by favourite so far. Unfortunately, I believe That Summer, Dessen’s first novel, was not as great as it could have been. That would be the only miss  of the month.

As for hits, Rebel Belle and Absolutely Truly were amazing! Reviews on them to come! Definite favourites of mine at the moment.

Next: The Outsiders is a well-known book that many generations will go on to read, as the generation before already has. It was very well done, and despite the fact that I most likely wouldn’t have read it if it weren’t a novel study at school, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Catch a Falling Star was really good as well.

Hope you enjoyed this new feature! Stay tuned to find out next month’s reads!

Your fellow bookworm,

Zoie 😉


Quote of the Week

This is going to be a weekly feature on Zoie’s Bookshelf, because I love quotes!

This week’s quote may be familiar to any of you Harry Potter lovers out there:

Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light.

– Albus Dumbledore

I think this quote sends out a positive message to everyone, because it tells us that even when you’re down, there is always going to be a place where you can find happiness.

“If only one remembers to turn on the light”

I believe this part means that you will always find that light, but the first step to doing so is you making the change.

“If only one” is referring to you. You will always get that light and happiness, but you must be the one to find it.

So, that was this week’s quote! Stay tuned for next week’s!

The Mother-Daughter Book Club

The Mother-Daughter Book Club is a series by Heather Vogel Frederick. The cover here is of the first novel, out of a total of six books. This has to be one of my favourite book series and that is why it have chosen it for my first book review! I started this series in the summer, and I immediately got attached to it. The Mother-Daughter Book Club is about four unlikely friends, who are forced into a book club by their mothers.

There’s Emma, the reader, who I find I can relate to the most (I love books just like her!). Then there is her friend Jess, who is extremely intelligent and an animal-lover, Cassidy- the hockey fanatic, and Megan, the fashionista. Each have very different personalities, don’t they? The books take us from middle school to grade ten, taking us through their friendships, drama, and experiences.

In the first book, the book club tackles Little Woman by Louisa May Alcott and become closer to one another. The book starts off with most girls not excited about the book club-  like at all-  to it becoming a very important part of their lives. And the series has become a very important part of mine- I seriously cannot thank you enough Mrs. Frederick!

Oh, and here is her website:


You should all check it out and most definitely read her books!

The thing I loved about the series was how relatable it was. It was a realistic fiction and I believe many girls would understand what the book club girls are going through, and find that it makes the series so much more amazing!

Well, that’s it for today bookworms! Hope you enjoyed this review!

-Zoie 🙂

The Start

Hello bookworms!

This is the first post on ‘Zoie’s Bookshelf’.

On here is where I’ll be posting book reviews and my latest reads for you!

Hope you all enjoy,

Your fellow book lover,

Zoie 🙂