Anne of Green Gables

Sorry that I haven’t posted in a while! But I’m trying to keep on track with the quotes of the week and reviews now! 

This review is on Anne of Green Gables, a classic novel by Lucy Maud Montgomery. The book is about a young orphan named Anne, who is a charming and imaginative girl. She is brought-up by Marilla and Matthew  Cuthbert, and makes many friends such as Diana Barry, her fellow kindred spirit. Anne of Green Gables takes us from her life as a twelve year old all the way to her sixteenth year. I loved following Anne get into much mischief, for her imagination and curiosity always got her into trouble.

I dearly wish I could live in the time Anne was at Green Gables! I would absolutely adore being able to visit the beautiful Lake of Shining Waters, and watch the Snow Queen blossom every spring. Alas! I do not live in that time, but fortunately L.M Montgomery describes the  world Anne lives in so vividly that I can see it all.

It was so fun to watch Anne grow up, and I connected with her as if she were my very best friend. Like everyone in the town of Avonlea, I fell under the spell of dear Anne, who made everyone she crossed paths with’s day so much better! She made even the outspoken Mrs. Rachel Lynde grow fond of her, as well as the stubborn Ms. Barry.

I’m so glad I decided to finally pick up Anne of Green Gables, because it certainly is one of my favourite books now, possibly even the favourite! Thank you Ms. Montgomery for this fine, fine book! I enjoyed immensely and was sad for it to have ended. Luckily, there’s many more in the series!

-Zoie ❤


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