I just finished Ally Condie’s latest book, Atlantia. I read her Matched trilogy and thought I’d give this a try. I didn’t know how much I’d love it.


Altantia is a book about an underwater city, built so that society can survive. Every year they have a Divide, when the people Below choose whether they want to stay in Atlantia or go Above. For as long as Rio could remember, she’s dreamt of going Above, to feel the sun on her face and see the endless sky. But after her mother’s death, she promises her twin sister that she will stay with her Below. So when the time of the Divide comes, and Rio forever chooses to stay, her sister Bay abandons her and is whisked away to Above.

Confused and heartbroken, Rio is left Below with no parents or sister. But with the help of her aunt Maire and new friend True, she tries to figure out why her sister has gone and raises questions about her mother’s mysterious death. She learns the truth about her world and more about her true identity- and how using your voice really can make a difference in the outcome of things.

Atlantia was amazing and wonderful and I love, love, loved it! I thought the idea of an underwater world was genius, especially when the Above still existed. This book drew me in and I couldn’t put it down! Thank you Ally Condie for this story that I could have never imagined made possible! Atlantia is definitely a story that I’d recommend to readers that love dystopian plots. Only this story has many creative and original ideas and was crafted to perfection!


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