I want to apologize for not updating in a while! It’s halfway through May and still I haven’t done my reads for April… Better move forward then. Here are April’s reads!

Looking for Anne, by Irene Gammel 

Anne of a Windy Poplars, by L.M Montgomery 

Anne’s House of Dreams, by L.M Montgomery 

Divergent, by Veronica Roth

Looking for Anne, I have to say, was a wonderful read! Written by Irene Gammel, it is the “Untold Story of a Literary Classic” as the back text suggests. For any fans of Anne of Green Gables, I strongly recommend it. This takes us to Maud’s past, where readers are able to make connections as to how Lucy Maud was able to take parts of her life and spin it into the writing of Anne. It was extremely intriguing and definitely gave me a deeper understanding of the series and the author.

But of course, I needed to continue on with the Anne stories as well! Anne of Windy Poplars took us to her life in Summerside, as she worked as a teacher. It was a new setting with new characters to meet, and was refreshing. Although I prefer Anne as a child, it was fun to see her all grown up and taking a new path in life!

Anne’s House of Dreams, I have to admit, has become my favourite Anne sequel! I loved meeting Leslie Moore and Captain Jim, and even Miss Cornelia Bryant! This book is about Anne’s married life, living in her little House o’ Dreams. It was such a sweet book to cuddle up to, and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Now first- I have a confession to make! After Anne’s House of Dreams I did attempt to read the last Anne book, Anne of Ingleside. I made it more than halfway but soon was distracted by the world of YA. I do hope Miss Montgomery will forgive me. Maybe one day I will return to finishing it, but in my heart I know that NONE can compete with the original. And for this reason I decided to put the book down and pick up Divergent again.

Now, I have read the trilogy before and remember liking it a lot, but for all of my thinking I could not remember much of it! But after finishing it I know why I liked it so! I really do love dystopian plots and felt that Veronica Roth really made a refreshing one. In Divergent you must choose which faction you will belong to- Abnegation (the selfless), Amity (the kind), Candor (the honest), Dauntless (the brave), or Erudite (the intelligent). I just admired how unlike many other dystopian novels you had a choice of where you belonged, instead of being born into a faction/district/caste. But in Divergent, one choice can transform you. It follows Beatrice Prior as she takes her journey as an initiate in a world where choices are everything.

Well, it was only four books but each was exciting and unique in their own way! Thanks for being patient with my posts. I’m sure to be back in track with them now!

Your fellow bookworm,

Zoie 📚


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