Hello, everyone! I hope you’ve all been having a great summer so far, with great adventures and thrilling reads….

With the arrival of August comes the ending to a marvellous July. I have to say that I have been very pleased with the selection of books I had read last month, because each of them were JUST SO GOOD. Every one of them did not disappoint, three of them being new YA releases.

Have I built up the anticipation already? Are you anxious to see what I’ve read?

Probably not, but I’ll tell them to you anyway 😉 Without any further interruption, here are July’s reads:

Mad Miss Mimic, by Sarah Henstra

None of the Above, by I.W Gregorio

Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen

Extraordinary Means, by Robyn Schneider

The Beginning of Everything, by Robyn Schneider

As you can see, it isn’t a Sarah Dessen I have read this month, but a Sarah Henstra! Mad Miss Mimic is her debut novel, and is classified as Young Adult, Historical Fiction, Mystery, as well as Romance. It’s quite exciting, actually, to see a novel with a teen’s POV in a historical era (London, 1872). It follows the story of seventeen-year-old heiress, Leonora Somerville.  As she suffers from a stutter, she is also able to take on the voice of anyone, using mimicry to mock them flawlessly. It’s a very interesting novel, and I’d definitely recommend it to any Young Adult fans who are looking for something less commonly written but still altogether a great read!

This brings me to my second read of the summer- None of the Above, by I.W Gregorio. This most definitely was a unique and less commonly written story, and is about a girl named Kristin Lattimer who discovers that she is intersex, meaning she has male chromosomes, while still outwardly looking female. It was extremely compelling, one of those rare novels that you just Can’t Put Down. This is also the author’s debut, and I am much looking forward to any future works by her!

Did you notice the book that was out of place? Well of course you did! Four out of five of them are part of the YA genre, and this was going a complete different road indeed. Pride and Prejudice happened because I watched the movie with a friend (The 2005 one with Keira Knightley). I first read the classic in December, but as I watched the movie lots of scenes surprised me- I didn’t remember when this took place or that happened. I figured it was time to re-read P&P! I love how even in a time like today, people still are able to appreciate and read the work of someone long gone (i.e Jane Austen), where their legacy still remains. I just fell in love with the book and the writing all over again.

And now it’s Robyn Schneider time! I found about her newest book, Extraordinary Means, by my local bookstore, where they deemed it to be one of this summer’s “Hottest Teen Reads.” As I placed a hold on it at the library, I also added Schneider’s debut novel (She’s only published the two), The Beginning of Everything, to the list of holds. I’ve found out just by reading both of them that she writes with clever wit and humour. I would be smiling at parts, but also screaming at others, because her writing and plotline also evoked a very emotional response in me. I would cry out loud at certain moments, dreading for  something to happen, desperately hoping it wouldn’t… Yeah, I was that caught up in the story. So good!

I would strongly recommend all five of these to you, especially if you love the YA genre like I do, or love a good classic.

That’s all I have for you today, bookworms! Stay tuned for reviews on Mad Miss Mimic, and None of the Above!

Zoie ❤


3 thoughts on “July

    • This is a really tough question to respond to because I truly loved all of July’s reads, but I’ll have to say None of the Above by I.W Gregorio. I fell right in love with the writing and plot line of the novel, as it was one of those rare books that flow so perfectly that you regret to put it down once it ends! And as for Pride and Prejudice, I understand where you’re coming from. The second time I read it definitely made more sense to me, and once you get used to the writing it really is a magnificent and beautifully told story. 😉


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