November Reads

As far as good reading months go, November was definitely one of my top months this year, perhaps following August. I could go on, but all you have to do is just look at this list, and right away you’ll understand that there were some gems in here:

Carry On, by Rainbow Rowell

Dumplin’, by Julie Murphy

Side Effects May Vary, by Julie Murphy

A Step Toward Falling, by Cammie McGovern

Save Me, by Jenny Elliot

A Little Something Different, by Sandy Hall

First & Then, by Emma Mills

I mean GAHHH, how amazing does this list look? Now do you get why I was so excited about it?

The first book I read in the month of November was 517 pages of pure bliss! Rainbow Rowell’s much awaited Carry On was everything her fans would want, and even more. I admit, going into it I was dubious, because I wasn’t even sure that the whole idea of expanding Simon Snow’s world from little bits of fanfiction in Rowell’s Fangirl to canon was a good idea. How glad was I that I was proven wrong! Despite the multiple POVs, each character had a unique voice, and once again one of my favourite authors was able to put her magical storytelling abilities into such a wonderful novel! I am proud to say that Carry On has become one of my favourite fantasies this year, and it was even nominated for Best Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction on Goodreads!

The next book I read was critically-acclaimed Dumplin’, by Julie Murphy, and it was as every bit as awesome as all the reviews have suggested! Featuring a strong heroine, I engulfed the story of Willowdean Dickson, and what it means to be comfortable in your own skin, a novel that I believe every person should read, as every person has at one point not been at home with their body.

Because I read Dumplin’, I decided to read Julie Murhpy’s debut as well, Side Effects May Vary. I felt that it wasn’t as strong as her latest book, but nevertheless had a plotline that stole me away. I liked the characters, Alice and Harvey, and the way they had NOW and THEN point of views. It was a unique way of seeing a story come together from different sides (and times!) of the story.

A Step Toward Falling by Cammie McGovern was probably up there with Carry On, based on how much I loved it. Because (spoiler alert!) I loved it. All I wanted to do was gobble this up in one sitting, because the writing, the characters, the everything was just amazing. But most of all, it was the plotline that got to me, leaving me with the message that (as written on the cover): Sometimes the worst thing you can do is nothing at all.

Unfortunately, Save Me by Jenny Elliot was not one of the books I enjoyed this month. It was one I was looking forward to, as it was published by Swoon Reads, which so far has published books I have enjoyed so far. I felt that the writing was too flat, therefore making the characters and plotline flat as well. This combination just doesn’t bode well for me, and sadly took away from my reading experience.

A Little Something Different, by Sandy Hall, was also a Swoon Reads publishing. In fact, it was the first publishing of their firm. And unlike Save Me, it was an absolute delight to read, not to mention especially unique. It is a love story told from fourteen points of view, none of which contain those of the two falling in love. I just thought it was a brilliant way of storytelling, taking a really simple love story like that. All of the POVs, as well as the two love interests, were so fun to read about, and all in all this book was sweet and adorable. Definitely one of my favourites of the year!

The last book I read this month was from the debut author Emma Mills, First & Then. It wouldn’t surprise me if someone read this in one weekend, because that’s exactly what I did! The writing flowed smoothly and the story was cute, and that cover was gorgeous as well. I know that I’ll be looking forward to more by Emma Mills in the future!

That was all for the month of November, and stay tuned for more this month as this wonderful reading year draws to a close. Until then, keep on reading!

Zoie ❤


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